Why do we need supplements?

Supplements, or more specifically, nutritional supplements are designed to bring balance to a healthy diet. Many questions why they need supplements if they practise healthy eating as the human body was not designed to use pills to replace the natural benefits found in healthy food.

So this begs the question, when is there a need to use nutritional supplements? The problem is that for most people they fail to get the proper nutrient supply need to maintain a healthy body through the foods they eat daily. A supplement is exactly as it sounds, it supplements your daily intake of nutrients, which 90% of people fall into this category.
Even those who have access to a reliable and stable diet of healthy food choices, studies have shown that food alone often is not enough, and this is where the use of a daily nutritional supplements benefits the user.

From farm to table

The most nutritionally rich foods are vegetables and fruits. However, how rich they are depend on a number of variables, and this is where they can be a problem as no one knows for sure how much nutrients they are receiving through their consumption.

The amount of nutrients is impacted by the location the vegetables and fruit are grown as the quality of the soil, sun air and water impacts the amount of nutrients that the vegetables and fruit produce. The sun ripens the fruit and vegetable, and this impacts how rip they were at their time of harvest as those they grow slower are often not as nutrient-rich and can deplete the value you are getting when eating them. In addition, if eating vegetables and fruit that has been processed in an industrial environment will further reduce their value and should be considered when making selections at your grocery store.

The depletion of nutrients is not stopped there but carries on through the location they are stored in, humidity levels, heat and length of time from harvest to consumption. Many variables can impact the nutrients between the time they are picked, consumed and work their way through your digestive tract. The amount of acid in your stomach has an impact, as does what you drink and other foods you eat. Some will limit the amount of nutrients that get released into your system.

The use of a nutritional supplement counter attacks those variables and allows you to maintain a healthy body. A supplement of good quality will deliver the nutrients needed and is guaranteed to be absorbed by your body as it is in a pill form and easily digested through natural means. Many supplements will contain other vitamins as science has proven they are needed to speed up the effect of release and absorption.


With the effects of soil erosion, soil nutrient depletion and an increase of energy from our bodies due to busy lifestyles, it is now more important than previously to add a supplement to your diet if you want to make sure you are meeting your nutritional needs. This does not mean you need to take a cocktail of supplements; it only means using a doctor recommended one a day supplement to give you balance.