Healthiest Sports For Healthy Living

There are millions of people who participate in sports either at school, college, state, national or international level. But every single person should play some kind of sport to keep them healthy. Here are the healthiest sports for a healthy living and one must involve in at least on kind of game among these –


Running – The most simple and common sport and the most beneficial for health as well. It is good for whole body from head to toe. It’s good for both mental and physical health. A person should make running as his habit from the young age only.

Cycling – After running, the next exercise is cycling. Almost every kid do cycling but as they grow their physical activity start decreasing. But if you will do cycling everyday then you will stay fit and your body will remain active throughout the day.

Swimming – Swimming is a really good form of sport. It helps a lot in burning calories and one can easily lose weight by doing swimming regularly.

Volleyball – As like swimming, volleyball is equally good to burn calories because it involves running and jumps and thus whole body comes in motion resulting in calories burn.

Tennis – Tennis is one of the best aerobic activities. It helps in making our bones and muscles stronger. 1 hour of tennis can burn up to 600 calories. It is a sport with both fun and exercise.


Gymnastic – Where all the above sports can easily be played by any person, gymnastic on the other hand is not everyone’s cup of tea. This needs lot of practice and hard work. When the body gets completely flexible and balanced only then one can do gymnastic. But it is a great sport for improving concentration & mental focus.

Soccer – Soccer or football is played by many people all over the world but not many know about its health benefits. It involves running, focus, concentration and management. Therefore, one learns so many things from a single sport both for health and mind.

Squash – Squash was ranked as the number 1 healthiest game by Forbes for many years. It boosts flexibility, increases fitness, and develops power and strength.


Rowing – Rowing has lot of health advantages such as increases muscle strength, low or no risk if injury and very effective in weight loss.

Cross-country skiing – With vigorous skiing one can burn up to 1K calories. It is said that the full body workout by skiing is the most effective.

Golf – Wondering how can golf be effective? It helps in improving balance and endurance. It also helps a person from chronic days.  It has famous social seen too.

No matter which game you play it will always involve benefits for your body, It is not that sports are meant for sports-persons only but everyone should play them to keep them healthy. Not only this, one learns many other things from sports too like team management, focus, competitive power, strength and so on.