Fruits That Are Good for High Blood Pressure

What is high blood pressure

High blood pressure is also known as Hypertension which is the compression of the blood going against the walls of your artery.

High blood pressure can cause damage to your blood vessels which can lead to serious complications such as kidney disease and stroke.You may have heard people refer to hypertension as the silent killer and this is because it often has no symptoms which can lead it to become untreated for years sometimes when it is too late.

The center for disease control gave an estimate of 75 million Americans that have hypertension. Risk factors can be family history, gender, age and your race. While these risk factors may be out of your control there are a few things you can control such as exercising and what is going into your mouth.
You need a special diet to help control the high blood pressure and one that is rich in magnesium, fiber, potassium and importantly one that is low in sodium.

Mixed berries

Mixed berries

All sorts of berries are good to eat with high blood pressure especially blueberries these are high in natural flavonoids.A study recently found consuming blueberries can help to prevent hypertension.

All berries including strawberries and raspberries are easy to include in your diet. These can be added to desserts or just as a healthymid-morning snack or even added to smoothies.

Frozen berries are just as good, and these are great to have on hand when you want to add a little zest to your meal.


Bananas are very high in potassium and is recommended rather than taking potassium supplements. Sliced banana can be added to your cereal or again enjoy on a fresh piece of bread or added to a smoothie.



Avocados have oleic acid that can aid in reducing high blood pressure. These fruits do contain potassium and folate as well which is needed for a healthy heart.Avocados are also rich in vitamins B, E, K and A. Avocados can also be added to smoothies or enjoyed on a fresh piece of toast with some black pepper.


Watermelon contains amino acids one L-citrulline which has been proven to lower hypertension.
It is loaded with fiber, potassium and vitamin A. The watermelon contains so many nutrients it has the effect to lower high blood pressure.Watermelon is easy to eat can be added to smoothies or eaten on the side.


These fruits are super rich with nutrients. A glass of orange juice or just eat an orange on its own to get the benefits of the fiber and the vitamin c.



Pomegranate was trialed in studies and found that only 2 ounces of pomegranate juices can assist in lowering hypertension and decrease the plaques in the bodies artery.

Lowering your risk for heart disease can see you living a longer, healthier life. Life is too short as it is if there are ways to help keep our hearts healthy and living longer and it means just eating a few more serves of heart healthy fruit then why not.

Do You Suffer From Iron Deficiency?

Do You Suffer From Iron Deficiency? The lack of iron, or Iron deficiency as it is referred, is for quite common for women. The body needs iron in order to produce hemoglobin, a protein that assists red blood cells in the delivering of oxygen to your body. Those without the proper iron levels will see many other areas suffering as a result, and low iron levels can cause anemia.

There are a number of symptoms that causes iron loss. If you suffer from one of those listed below, you should consult your healthcare professional and get your blood tested. The good news is taking an iron pill daily is all that is needed for most people, but it is good to be aware none the less.


Women who suffer from iron deficiency report that exhaustion is a real problem. When you have low levels of iron, it means oxygen is not reaching the body’s tissues, and that results in a loss of energy. If when feeling tired it is joined by feelings of irritability, weakness and an inability to focus, you may be suffering from iron deficiency.

Heavy Menstrual Cycle

This is the number two leading cause for iron loss in women, especially for those women who have heavy periods. Generally, when on your period, the amount of blood loss should be around 2-3 tablespoons. If you are having to change pads more than once every few hours, then you need to visit your gynaecologist to be tested.

Pale Skin

Those who are pale often have low iron levels. As hemoglobin is what makes your blood red, it is also what gives your skin its colour. If you notice you are pale frequently, visit with your doctor and get tested as the odds are good your levels are lower than normal.

Shortness of Breath

If you have low levels of oxygen in your blood, you often may find you suffer from shortness of breath. If, while doing household chores, you find yourself out of breath that can be normal, but if it is on a regular basis, it could mean an iron deficiency is to blame.

Pounding Heart

There are many reasons why someone would experience a pounding heart. These include heart murmurs, irregular heartbeats or possible failure of the heart. Those who are anemic can suffer from this symptom, and it can be serious. If this is something you experience on a regular basis, do not delay, get checked as soon as possible.

Head Pain

If you are not producing the right oxygen levels, it means other organs and tissues will feel the effects. This can cause the arteries in your brain to swell, and this will see you experiencing pain in your head. If suffering from regular head pain, consult your family physician.

Hair Loss

This is another frequent symptom of those with low iron levels, especially if you are anemic. An average head of hair will loss around 100 strands a day, any more than that could be an indicator of low iron levels in your blood.


Those who are vegan eat lots of iron, but not always the right type of iron. Eating meats fuels your body with heme iron, and heme iron is more efficient at fueling the body than relying on veggies for your iron needs.